No stone left unturned!

We will optimize you for a strong and healthy life, ready to take on any life objective in any shape or form.

It is a one option full blast menu adjusted to you for your max performance and peak!

All activities listed below is included in the individual THO program.

  • Individual personal training
  • Fitness & posture assessment
  • Mental performance
  • Specific and individualized program with careful supervision, based on your goals and physical assessment.
  • Fat loss optimization
  • Stronger, leaner & more balanced
  • Get in shape for: Wedding / Summer / After birth
  • Prehab training for prevention of injury / Rehab training for rebuilding from injury
  • Max performance
  • Highly supervised circuit training
  • Highly supervised HIIT (High Intensity)
  • Muay thai boxing & Self defense basics
  • Advanced Thai kick-boxing
  • Be safe, all day – everyday – everywhere! Defense for most attacks and situations, what to do, how to do it and when!
  • Individual nutrition and exercise consultation.
  • Sport specific training – max performance for your specific sport
  • Building speed, agility, balance, strength and endurance
  • Focus on joints, mobility, injury prevention and recovery
  • Nutrition & health
  • Highly supervised and monitored progress
  • Lose weight, gain weight, lose fat, gain lean muscle mass
  • Foundations of healthy living and eating
  • Natural nutrition and supplementation guidance for longevity and optimal health
  • Simple plans and programs for optimal results
  • Weigh-in and body measurements at start, midway and finish

Contact for further consultation!


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