240gr box of pure protein powder, a mix of soy and whey, from Herbalife International. All genuine products!

No membership needed for purchasing.

When ordering, the products will be shipped from your local Herbalife warehouse to your door or closest postoffice for guaranteed fresh product.

Delivery times are standard between 2-4 days, depending on where you are located. Worldwide shipping!

Recommended price for these are 29 € / 290 NOK.
Prices below are per piece.

Formula 3 PPP – 290 NOK210 NOK

Nutritional value
1 can (240 g) per 100 g per portion (1 tbs = 56 g)
Energy 383,3 kcal (1603 kJ) 23 kcal (96,2 kJ)
Protein 83 g 5 g
Carbohydrate 3,7 g 0,22 g
Fat 4,3 g 0,26 g

1 tablespoon of powder (6g”) gives 5 g protein. Consume 1-4 tbs per day.

Formula 3 is free from taste and is ideal to mix in shakes, drinks, yoghurts, soups or sauces, only your imagination sets the limits.


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