No stone left unturned!

We will optimize your employees and workplace for a strong and healthy environment, ready to professionally take on any objective in any shape or form and run your business to the fullest potential.

All activities listed below is included in the corporate program and will be adjusted to your specific needs.

  • Ergonomics consultation
  • Individual & group physical & health assessment
  • Environment assessment & optimization
  • Postural assessment
  • Cognitive behavior assessment & optimization
  • Mental performance
  • Specific and individualized program with careful supervision, based on your employees specific needs
  • Fitness consultation
  • Injury prevention program
  • Physical workshops
  • Focus on joints, mobility, injury prevention and recovery
  • Before, during and after work movement workshops
  • Prehab training for prevention of injury / Rehab training for rebuilding from injury
  • Max performance
  • Safety workshops
  • Nutrition, health and exercise consultation.
  • Highly supervised and monitored progress
  • Simple plans and programs for optimal results


Contact for further consultation!


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